Tuesday, 29 July 2014

EXCLUSIVE TRACK PREMIERE: Maethelvin- Waveforms (Live edit.)

Ah, Maethelvin. You just can't go wrong with him. All his tracks, from "Lost in a Big City" to his remix of "Continue" by Minitel Rose, are absolutely brilliant. Disco Unchained is proud to premiere Maethelvin's latest track, "Waveforms". "Waveforms" is a typical Valerie era track...beautiful, eerie synths with melodic 80s undertones. Be sure to give this a listen, Maethelvin is one of our original favorites. You can check his other stuff out here!

                                                                                   - Shazeb

Monday, 28 July 2014

Sunboy - Nu Religion

Introducing Sunboy, an obscure psychedelic-pop duo we stumbled upon recently. It's been a fair amount of time since we blogged anything 'indie' in the objective sense of the word. Sunboy's latest release, "Nu Religion" is just about as crazy cool as it sounds. The track features a very smooth, very creative vocal set, coupled with a kick-ass bass line. A must listen for anyone that likes Work Drugs or Tame Impala. These boys are fresh on the scene, so throw some love at them here

CougarSynth- Body Class

A regular at Disco Unchained, "CougarSynth," released his latest single "Body Class" on 29th July, 2014. The single features a cosmic synth-line and elements of Cougar Synth's classic dark-synth vibe. Follow CougarSynth on SoundCloud and be sure to check out their other hit singles!