Sunday, 30 August 2015

World Champion: Avocado Galaxy (TRACK OF THE YEAR)

FUCK. FUCK FUCK FUCK. That's all I have to say. Jesus I haven't heard something this great since Touch Sensitive's remix of Mario Basanov's '' Do u remember'' (released a few years ago).

Future Classic seriously needs to change their name. How can they call themselves ''Future Classic'' when every god damned track they drop is an instant classic. Enter ''World Champion'', easily one of my new favorite bands. Reminiscent of Miami Horror, Jagwar Ma and Van She, World Champion definitely has the ''X'' factor- I see both Julian Sudek and Will Campion making it very big, very soon. Their debut track, I believe (unless they've dropped some secret stuff recenty?) is killer. it's dynamite. it's gold. Its it. The sound I live for. Avocado Galaxy is everything that is right with music- with its chilling drums, piercing vocals, silky synth, and psychedelic ovetones, Avocado Galaxy is easily my favorite release of 2015- so be sure to hype it on the machine.  


Friday, 21 August 2015

2 Friends + Summer Disco Tape

So recently I made two new friends haha (terrible joke)... but seriously, these past few weeks I came in contact with a very interesting dance-house duo called Two Friends.  LA based Matt Halper + Eli Sones have been making dancey-house music for quite a while now, getting some major hype after dropping a few remixes for Milky Chance and Urban Cone not too long ago.

Recently though I've been sold on their latest edit- a sick remix of Vicetone's ''Angels''. The track is everything you'd expect of a banger summer dance track, and it's just about perfect for big party settings- I know, I gave it a spin this past weekend myself!  Another sick track I've been digging is their remix for Milky Chance's ''Flashed Junk Mind'', which is totally bomb- I've linked it below as well.

Be on the lookout for this LA based duo, they've been growing steadily over the past year or so and I expect big things from them in the future. Also, I did a new disco-house set filled with some of the sickest tracks I've heard all summer (with nods to a few Valerie era classics ofcourse), so be sure to check that out as well- special thanks to Matt and Eli for some early support!


Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Presenting...MOTION CNTRL

Not quite 80's revival, not quite vaporwave--Motion Cntrl are unqiue blend of sound and style. The vocals bear a strong similarity to many on the Nu Wave front such as Ronika or Kristine. That being said, with the backdrop of a much darker and complex sound, the vocals and the music as a whole take on much more different shape than that of Nu Wave and 80's influenced music.