Wednesday, 28 January 2015

MIAMI NIGHTS 1984: Accelerated!

Friend of the Disco Unchained family, Miami Nights 1984, just released the first track off his next album. We have very high expectations for this new album, because the last one MN1984 released was absolutely sick. The first track from his new album, ''Accelerated'', is pure outrun bliss. I felt a touch of nu-disco in it as well ( so it's perfect for late night drives). 

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Roisto - Apart in Love

Taking his name from the Finnish word for ‘villain’, Roisto hails from the deep, dark forests of northernmost Finland, where he inhabits a small studio, filled with old analog synths, tape machines, and 12” disco records. It is within the confines of this musical safe haven that he creates his own stylish brand of disco.

His new EP features three original disco tracks, kicking off with the title track ‘Apart In Love’; a suave, shimmering track, complete with catchy sampled vocals, slick guitars, and super funky basslines. Bright synth chords follow on the undeniably infectious ‘I’m Who You Need’, before the third track of the EP ‘Call The Sky’ (feat. Gavril) presents a haunting modular make up, featuring huge synth pads, vocoder vocals, and orchestral elements.

Monday, 26 January 2015

UNBLOOM - Hold Our Youth

From Canada comes Unbloom with a brilliant Electro Pop track, Hold Our Youth. The track follows the tradition of many in the Electro Pop scene ( Estate came immediately to mind) yet it puts forth a unique and mesmerizing synth arrangement. A must listen for all fans of the genre!