Thursday, 26 June 2014

Duett: Rituals EP Review

   Duetta brand new synth duo from London, just released their new EP Rituals via Modal Recordings. Rituals, though only 3 tracks long, is beautiful. Not since Paul have we heard synth so smooth. What makes Duett unique is not only the quality and saturation of their synth, but also the mystical and spiritual feelings their synth elicits. Very rarely do we come across a synthwave act that delivers in every track.

Their first track, 'Principle', is perhaps their greatest. The synth in 'Principle' is both nostalgic and fresh at the same time. What makes Duett unique is their minimalistic approach to instruments. 'Principle' features maybe 3 or 4 different synth variations and a kick-ass drum sample and that’s all it takes for Duett to create a masterpiece. 'Principle' is both uplifting and hypnotic, and features a sound almost reminiscent of that in Miami Horror’s Sometimes EP. 

Duett’s second track, 'Contrast', is also brilliant. 'Contrast', much like Principle, is uplifting and spiritually intriguing. It features choppy, catchy synth riffs and an interesting synth-bass line. What makes the track so unique is the almost spiritual effect it creates upon the listener. 'Contrast' has hypnotic synth riffs that are perhaps its biggest selling point. The third track from the EP is unlike the first two. 'Rituals' is far more mellow, and far slower than the rest of Duett’s tracks. Rituals features a very slow, but rhythmic build up, and is definitely more elegant in composition than the previous tracks. Rituals is more of a blend between dreamwave and soundtrack synth, making it perfect for plenty of audio-visual applications and experiences.

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