Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Doctor Packer's Intense Boogie

Dr.Packer, the  alias of Western Australia's DJ 'Greg Packer' (which is used for Remixes & Edits of mainly Retro Music (70's , 80's , 90's), is out with what is perhaps one of the greatest funk songs we've come across this year. Mr. Packer not only knows how to stab synth, he knows how to drop a groove, at least in his latest release, "Intense Boogie". The modular synth in "intense Boogie" is both fresh and hauntingly catchy. Mr. Packer has also, very creatively we might add, sampled what seems to be late 70s vocal snippets from old school disco groups like The Brothers Johnson. "Intense Boogie" is an instant favorite here at Disco Unchained, and we highly recommend you take a listen to this! Be sure to follow, and support Mr. Packer and his synth genius here

What we think when we hear Dr. Packer's music...

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