Thursday, 10 July 2014

Lifelike Feat. Yota- "Sunset"

I came across gem this while looking through my older playlists, and decided it needed to be brought to light. Lifelike, a Disco Unchained favorite, and a revival-synth legend, produced "Sunset" around 8 months ago. It's for all practical purposes, a winter song. Eerie, spacey, and chilling. But it's precisely these qualities that make it so fitting to be a summer jam as well. "Sunset" is perhaps Lifelike's most dreamy song to date. It features beautifully mastered female vocoder vocal snippets, and an absolutely inspiring bass line. Though this track is old, it is timeless. It is a Disco Unchained favorite. 

Also, special thanks to YOTA for the vocals for the track. She definitely goes under-appreciated and from what we've seen, needs to be given the attention shes earned. Her vocals for the track were not only inspiring, but hauntingly beautiful as well. Be sure to give her a follow here!

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