Monday, 21 July 2014

Östberg - Summer- Disco Unchained Track Premiere!

The Norway based nu-disco prodigy Östberg has got us hooked. No, seriously, it's physically hard trying to stop playing his music. His last premiere at Disco Unchained was his remix of Gold Spectacles' "Steal You Away", and though that track was enough to get you feel the kind vibes Östberg has, his other track, "Summer" more completely captures his 'sound' and his sharp, stinging originality. 

"Summer" has, within 30 minutes or so, become a Disco Unchained summer essential, along with Östberg's other  Gold Spectacles remix. "Summer" features a french-house sound only comparable to that one of our all-favorite sampled-funk producers; Vanguard. Östberg has swept us off our feet, and it's almost a crime that this man has only a few thousand plays. Its up to you, the connoisseurs of synth and independent music culture, to ensure that some justice is served. Be sure to follow Östberg here, and be sure to really take a listen to, what we consider, his greatest work produced, below!

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