Monday 14 July 2014

Who is World Wild?

We've been fans of World Wild  ever since we heard their track, "Televizion Dinner" a while back. They recently released a few tracks that caught our attention, and so we decided it was time to get to know World Wild a bit better. So here it is, Disco Unchained's exclusive interview with the Australia based synth-pop band World Wild. 

Jarrad Lee Jackson AKA World Wild

1. Who is World Wild, could you tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Jarrad Lee Jackson and I am World Wild.

I grew up skateboarding and playing music. I signed a World Wide record deal with Epitaph records in California and toured the world playing drums for an indie punk band called Dangerous! I had some time off from the band and so I got to work capturing my childhood though sounds, World Wild is how I see the world, my passion.

2. What inspired you to make music?

My first love of music was, Prince (cream) and David Bowie (changes). I would listen to those songs over and over and even now when I like a song its the only thing I will listen to for weeks, Im not into an artist or albums as much as Im into songs, a lot of the time I will only like 1 song by an artist, its all about that 1 song that changes everything

The sounds in movies that I love, (I get around) by the Beach Boys is a huge inspiration to me after hearing it in Flight of the navigator. ext ..

Also drums! When I was a kid I would smash pots and pans along with tupperware and in a rage would fight the air like Monkey Magic. I moved house and as I was unpacking when my new neighbour started belting out beats on a drum kit, I was instantly in love .. I ran over to the house, kicked his front door open and just stood there in amazement watching this cool dude playing along to Pearl Jam, Ive been a drummer ever since, drums are the key to being a multi instrumentalist, for me anyway.

Also me, I get given ideas from out of nowhere, I am a musician and I don't fit in haha

3. All time favorite horror movie?

I can't really do horror movies, I love Coneheads though … and Thrashin, I could watch Waynes World 1 and 2 a million times and never get bored. I love going to the drive in theatre to watch new movies, there is something about being able to look up and see the stars whilst being entertained.

4.  Could you give us a bit of insight into your track "Television Dinner" what prompted you to chose the name?

My baby's on fire, yeah she wants to get physical, I set her into motion, then she makes me feel good..

Those crazy words came out of my mouth as I was singing along to the bass line and so the whole song is me singing about a Television Dinner, in a romantic undertone. I visualise as I write, I have images around me and movies playing .. This song reminds me of the movie ET, the scene where the kids and the mum are sitting down eating pizza and also the movie Back to the future part 2, the scene where the mini Pizza Hut pizza gets cooked and also Flight of the navigator in the bridge of the song, that was the first song I wrote.

5. What are your top three favorite tracks?

Bloodstream, Rockstars, Coast to coast.

6.  Where do you see World Wild five years from now?

I see so much haha, I want you to see what I see and I need to show you, man this will be good.

7. Do you have anything to shout out to your fans!

Mannnn, I just want to say that .. I want you smile, I want you to laugh, I want you to forget the pressures of being a human alien, dance like a child through the freedom air of nostalgia.


Be sure to follow World Wild here! And check out their brand new track "Take it Easy", below!

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