Monday, 25 August 2014

Tesla Boy - Stars (Killy Cakes Remix)- Exclusive Track Premiere!!!

Did somebody say Disco? Tesla Boy's brand new track, 'Stars' is probably one of the most creative, and for that matter, original disco inspired tracks we've heard in a long time...However,  Killy Cakes takes the ''cake'' for their sexy remix of the track. Killy Cakes remix sounds like something we'd expect Stardust to have released had they pursued an album (speaking of Stardust, expect a mixtape from them very soon). 

''Stars", particularly the Killy Cakes remix, is definitely worth a listen. Nay, 100. Stellar, uplifting synths combined with vocals smoother than marble make this track a true gem, in every sense of the word. Be sure to support our dear friends at Tesla Boy here as well. 

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