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Tobtok is one of those unique artists you just can't miss. His music is both creative and fresh, and his sound is distinctively original. In case you haven't heard of Tobtok before, or you'd like to know more about this super-star to be (you know, while he's still relatively underground), then worry no more. We sat down with him and asked him some pretty interesting stuff, we mean, really interesting stuff. Enjoy another Disco Unchained exclusive interview. 


1) Who is Tobtok

Tobtok is a 22 year old guy from Uppsala, Sweden. Tobtok is also a certified disco-guru, self-learned barber, professional party-planner and extreme citybike rider on an old lady's bike.

2) Where would you say your greatest musical influences have come from? Any genres/artists/movements that shaped your sound in particular?

I would definitely say that the old disco-sound has had the biggest influence on me. When I started to produce music, I sampled disco and funk-records from the 70's and 80's! The work of Nile Rodgers has always been a favorite of mine. At around 2010 when I started producing, there was a big movement of sample-based disco house spreading over the internet. This later evolved into Nu-Disco and all this kind of popular disco/funk influenced music today. So basically it all started with some kids who worshiped Daft Punk, haha. Later on though, I would say that I've been heavily influenced with the UK sound, but I'm still trying to stay true to my roots!

3) If there's one thing you could change about the music industry- anything- what would it be?

The one thing I struggled with in the beginning, which I think should be looked over, is the communication between established labels or others involved in the music-industry with upcoming artists and producers. It was basically impossible for me to reach out to any label on my own, and as soon as I signed to my amazing management I could basically get in touch with any label in the world, just through contacts. It's quite remarkable.

4) What's your all time favorite pizza-topping?

I'm actually very boring and usually just go for a Vesuvio, although a massive kebab-pizza when you are hungover is hard to beat!

5) Now for the fun stuff...If you had to, would you rather fight a cockroach-sized bear, or a bear-sized cockroach?

Haha you guys sure enjoy your drugs. To be realistic i'm not much of a fighter, so I would go for the cockroach-sized bear! I would probably kill it quite easily with my heavy weight, and a bear in that size would probably look adorable haha!

6) Tell us about your release plans! What's happening? Any new EPs, albums,or tracks in the pipeline?

I have a lot of stuff going on at the moment! These last months have been very intense, but I love every second of it. I've been workin' on an EP for the prestigious french label "Kitsuné", which I guess you guys are familiar with. Other than that I have a few massive remixes coming up, as well as studio-sessions with a bunch of talented individuals.

7) Is there anything you'd like to shout-out to your fans? 

Stay funky!


Tobtok was also sweet enough to give us his top 10 favorite tracks at the moment. 

Tobtok's Top 10 Tracks:

1. The Magician ft. Years & Years - Sunlight
2. Ten Walls - Walking With Elephants
3. Shadow Child & Doorly - Piano Weapon
4. Albin ft. Kristin Amparo - Din Soldat
5. Ella Eyre - Comeback (Alex Adair Remix)
6. Just Kiddin - Thinking About It
7. Oliver - Light Years Away
8. Fortune - Grind
9. Oliver $ & Jimi Jules - Pushing On (Tchami Remix)
10. Montmartre - Inside Of Me (Skogsrå Remix)

And in case you missed it, here's one of our favorite Tobtok tracks:

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