Saturday, 22 November 2014

From The Vaults: Keenhouse - Ari-es (NightWaves Remix)

Part of the reason Disco Unchained was created was because we wanted to perpetuate a very particular, very uplifting synth sound. As most of our old-school followers probably already know, 2007 to 2010 was the golden-age for revival synth music. Bands like College, Anoraak, and Minitel Rose and blogs like Valerie  and DiscoDust helped create the underground synth scene.  

From the late 2009 era comes NightWaves, one of the most talented, progressive, and brilliant producers to have ever hit our radar. His remix of KeenHouse's synthwave classic ''Ari-es'' is nothing short of mind-blowing. Nu-disco guitar snippets, uplifting synths, and an overall spacey feel make this track an absolute gem. This remix is perhaps the epitome of the sound we're trying to bring back. A must hear.

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