Friday, 5 December 2014

Empire Of The Sun - Wandering Star

We've been fans of Empire of The Sun for years...From ''We Are The People'' to ''Walking On a Dream'', they haven't released a bad track. In fact, their record is clean. They don't produce garbage or filler-tracks, only real music, in its most rudimentary form. This may sound like a tad exaggeration, but trust us, just listen to their latest track. 

Their latest track, ''Wandering Star'' is just about as cosmic, spiritual, and trippy as it sounds. Originally designed to be on the score for the new Dumb and Dumber film, the track is definitely one of the finest produced by Empire of the Sun. Absolutely uplifting synths and butter-smooth vocals make this track more than a gem. They make it an instant classic. Be sure to add this to your weekend playlists and expect some insane new tracks over the next few weeks. Also, get ready for exclusive guest-mixtapes from Miami Horror and GLOVES.

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