Wednesday 8 April 2015

Shazeb's April Selection.

I have come across more quality music in the past few weeks than I have in the past 6 months...Maybe I wasn't listening intently enough..Or maybe right now is just a freaking great time for indie music. I have stumbled across quite a few future-superstars and quite a few tracks that will really, really show you the power of synth. Enough talk, lets get to the music.

What i imagine to be the perfect place to listen to these tracks..

Let's start with the finest track i've come across. Seriously though, no track has made me marvel at music quite as much as ''Rumored To Be Real'' by the Bee's Knees since ''Shooting Stars'' by Bag Raiders. and that's saying a lot. Think Chromeo, VALERIE, Hey Champ, and Van She mixed in a blender with a touch of space disco..yes, that is how sexy the Bee's Knees are. Remember the name, they will be huge.

NANTES is an indie-rock group that is, ironically, from the only other place that makes great music-- Australia. Their track ''static'' is in the same style of music as many tracks released by Nate Salman and Waterstrider (check them out ASAP).  Static is a catchy track that you'll have a hard time geting off repeat, so be sure to add it to your weekend playlists!

Bendix Mihle is definitely a very classy producer. He's been touching up tons of vintage disco/funk tracks in just the right way. His edit of the ''Put Your Hands Together'' by the O' Jays is simply bliss (smooth synths and classy rhythms)

Being the esotoric blogger I am, I feel inclined to show you this banger future-house track I stumbled upon earlier this week. Chris Lake is a champ, in every sense of the word. His remix of SNBRN's ''California'' is flat out beast...If you are human, then you will dance to this- such is the beauty of universally great tracks. Be sure to play this at some point at whatever parties/events you're going to this weekend--your friends and family (and haterz?! lol) will thank you.

One of our favorite synth producers, Kris Menace, has also just come out with a brand new remix for Audio District's ''Run Through the Street's.. The track brims with creative, uplifting, almost spiritual synths. Expect what you typically expect from Kris Menace: gold. 

And the last track I want to show you guys is just as beautiful as the first. Solarris's remix of ''Retrograde'' by James Blake needs no explanation... What it really needs is a nice, thorough listen. I haven't heard indie-disco this creative since...since ever...Solarris is definitely on to something, and trust me, he will be going places in future, so be sure to keep an eye on him. 

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