Saturday, 19 July 2014

Introducing...Colour Vision

From the outset of listening to the body of work of the one they call Colour Vision, a few distinct things became clear to me. Firstly, and perhaps most refreshing, this guy is not afraid or constrained by the label of 'genre' to fit his work into a box and not take risks with it. I mention the importance of this because in today's day and age of music it can often be the fine line between greatness and monotony. The other point which perhaps runs concurrently to the previous one is that the risks being taken are clearly not forced, but rather demonstrate a focus towards a certain 'Vision' (or 'Color Vision' in this case. sorry I had to).
With that being said, I am quite shocked at the relatively low buzz surrounding such a versatile and talented producer. This is especially surprising to me given the number of great artists he's opened for (Cut copy, Miami Horror among them) and the previous blog exposure he's had (Mixtapes featured on Deathelectro among others). A true hidden musical gem who definitely deserves more attention!

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