Sunday, 20 July 2014

MY DEAR- Standing In This Dream- Throwback Premiere!

We don't normally do 'throwback premieres' too often, but for tracks we feel are worth it, we go out of our way to bring them to light. Here is MY DEAR with their relatively new track (around 4 months old), "Standing In This Dream". 

The electro-pop scene has been pretty shaky lately to say the least. You get some guys, like Night Drive and Chromeo, still releasing quality work, and then you have other, less talented artists releasing absolute crap (sorry but the latest Bagraiders track is fucking trash, it literally sounds like a blender with a pulpy banana stuck in it). 

Anyway, here is "Standing In This Dream" by MY DEAR. Finally, after so long, we've come across an electro-pop track that really resonates with us. The track features interesting, uplifting piano riffs and a very smooth vocal set. This is the kinda song you want to listen to on a Sunday. 

Enjoy MY DEAR's latest track below, and throw some love at them here!  

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