Friday, 25 July 2014

Nervo- Sunshine Thru Rain Clouds (GENERIK & NICKY NIGHT TIME REMIX)- Exclusive Premiere July 2014

We remember thinking how awesome it would be if someone did a really cool remix of Nervo's "Sunshine Thru Rain Clouds" (when it was released earlier this year). Lucky for us, one of our favorite new artists, Nicky Night Time (AKA former Van She front-man Nick Routledge), along with Generik decided to take a spin at the track.

And what a spin it was. Nicky Night Time's edit of "Sun Shine Thru Rain Clouds" is both nostalgic and fresh, encompassing sounds from the late 70s and early 90s. The track plays on the best snippets from the original, and manages to give Nervo's house anthem a very funky twist. Be sure to support Nicky Night Time/Generik along with our friends at One Love Music here

Warning: Not Intended For Those With Poor Taste In Music

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