Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Shindu - Trust Me EP

Shindu's Trust Me EP is quite the anomaly in a stylistic sense. Consisting of the eponymous track Trust Me as well as the original mix Down the Line, the EP also has two remixes of varying genre. The first, a Jesse Oliver remix, takes a very heavy and old school techno//house approach. Although not expected, it nonetheless adds a certain sense of depth and boldness to the EP--especially in a landscape in which smaller artists prefer to remain in their comfort zone when releasing official materials such as this. That being said, the second remix, by Gemini Brothers, is just as different. A very Crystal Castles-esque rendition of the original track, the remix stands almost genre-ambiguous yet gives off a very crisp and thought-out sound. Overall, the Trust Me EP  is a great listen and perhaps a glimpse of what could be a killer Album somewhere in the future.

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