Saturday, 30 August 2014

Bright Light Bright Light - An Open Heart (Alan Braxe Remix)- Exclusive Track Premiere!!!

If there's one artist that never fails to deliver, its Alan Braxe. I've personally been a fan of his for years now. I was sold when he released, ''Voices'' a while back. His latest sound, however, might just top all the work he's done yet. A true sign of a real musician- he manages to keep getting better with each release (which is extremely difficult given the standard of his work). 

His latest release, an absolutely hypnotic remix of Bright Light Bright Light's ''An Open Heart'', is probably one of the coolest synth-based tracks i've heard all year. It has all the elements of the ideal track; a unique rhythm, sick guitar riffs, and clever chorus build-ups. The ''X" factor which this track, however, is how the lyrics go with the synth. The last time I heard a track as powerful as this was in 2010 when GLOVES' remixed ''Changes'' by Van She. So yeah, it's been a while since i've heard something as cool as this. Definitely give Alan Braxe's new remix a spin below, and be sure to throw some love at him here

                                                                          - Shazeb

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