Monday, 1 September 2014

Midnight Pool Party's Top 5 Tracks

We've been pretty big fans of Midnight Pool Party for a while now. They make stellar nu-disco music, and we've been smitten by pretty much everything they've released so far. We got in touch with them and thought we'd bring to you their top 5 favorite tracks at the moment. Considering their sound, it's safe to say their top 5 is pretty stellar.

1. Flight Facilities - Foreign Language

Australian artist who do their own style of disco and they kill it. With this particular song, we love the instrumentation with melodic bass lines, clean guitars and catchy lyrics.

2. The Swiss - Elouisa

Another Aussie act that give their own spin of modern four to the floor.  The electronic drums in this track sit perfectly with the vintage synths being played.  But it doesn't stop there, they are able to replicate that sound in their live set!

3. Prince - Wanna Be your Lover

This song is just perfect.  The quick chord changes, that guitar playing on every beat, the pockets in the song, the simple beat, and mostly the attitude that Prince brings when he hits those high notes!

4. Breakbot - Baby I’m Yours

We like everything about Breakbot, especially this song.  It has an awesome down tempo groove with piano chords and lyrics complimenting each other.  It is evident who Breakbot's influences are, and we love them too!

5. Miami Horror - Make You Mine

Again, another big Aussie act who produce great music.  With this song in particular, the drums, percussion and bass work so well together creating that funky vibe!  

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