Friday 19 July 2013

Interview with James Kent (Perturbator)- Disco Unchained Exclusive!

Disco Unchained was given the opportunity to get a solid interview with seasoned french synth wave producer James Kent (AKA Perturbator). All of us here are big fans of his work, and it only seemed right that we go and talk to him! 

Shazeb: What got you into music?

James:  My parents probably. They are Journalists and Rock Critics. They were the ones who made me listen to Pantera by the age of 3 ahah. My dad used to play the guitar quite a lot and eventually brought me my first electric guitar when i was 11, one of the most memorable day of my life if you'd ask me. My parents also had a trance / techno band when they where young so the Synthesizers were always there since i was born.

Shazeb: Wow, that's awesome. It must have been awesome growing up with retro parents! So, now we know what got you into music, but we still don't know where you drew your inspiration from. What would your top 5 favorite bands/groups of all time be?

James: That would probably be...
1 - The Dillinger Escape Plan
2 - Mr Bungle
3 - Cult Of Luna
4 - Vangelis
5 - Tears For Fears

Shazeb: I love Tears for Fears. Their music is legit! Speaking of legit, what do you think about the current music industry as a whole? If you could change one thing about it, what would it be?

James: Oh man... I'd find a way to stop those assholes who are making music just for the fame and money (AKA Selena Gomez) with crappy dance tracks. Yeah i'm talking about those Disney guys and all the shit circling around them. No one loves em' either anyway, i mean, people are more interested about their new haircuts than the "music" they are making... Well yeah i know it's impossible to stop them but it would be a dream came true right?

Shazeb: Well said. I couldn't agree more. Saturated fat (as Matt Van Schie would say) is what it is. Anyways, what advice would you have for upcoming independent synth artists?  

JamesThe best advice i can give is to find your own style. Don't try to recreate the music of the 80s' like it used to be. Give it your own personal twist.

Shazeb: Makes a lot of sense. 


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  1. Hey! This interview is really REALLY good as short as it is. Good work :)

  2. It's nice to get a taste of the way of thinking of Perturbator, altough I wish to see a video interview someday!