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Kraak & Smaak - Back Again (feat. John Turrell) (Hot Toddy Remix)

Hot Toddy recently remixed Back Again by Kraak & Smaak, and believe me his edit is a journey start to finish. This remix features an infectiously catchy rhythm and makes great use of the original track's already mesmorizing vocals. This classifies as a must hear for any Nu-Disco fan. If you dig the sound follow Kraak & Smaak here (and remember to check out Hot Toddy here).

Funkovsky ft. Temu: Looking At Me

London based nu-disco prodigy Funkovsky just dropped yet another game changer. His latest track "Looking At Me" features arresting verses and an infectiously catchy synth-line. As usual, Funkovsky delivers. Much like his "Stay Inside" gem from a few months ago, "Looking At Me" is both refreshing and invigorating. Again, with tracks like these, words don't do much justice.  Just give it a spin and enjoy the ride! Be sure to throw some love at him here too! 

Pammin- Right Guy (Original Mix)

Saint Pepsi-Fall Harder

Saint Pepsi just dropped his latest track, "Fall Harder", via Carpark Records. His newest sound has a very uplifting synth scheme as well as some very interesting guitar riffs. The track bares a sound very similar to The Teenagers' earlier work. Be sure to catch this Disco Unchained premiere while it's still fresh, and remember to support the artist here!

The Noisy Freaks - French Club (ANOVEL Remix)

And now for some kick-ass french house! Disco Unchained proudly presents "ANOVEL", a new french-electronic band that caught our attention with their beautiful remix of "French Club" by The Noisy Freaks. ANOVEL's sound is similar to that of Justice. 'Nuff said. Definitely give this gem a listen, it's perfect for dancing. And if you like this sound, get more of it here

Cut Slack Feat. Ghettoven- Last Night 

From the sunny shores of Lisbon comes Cut Slack with an absolute gem. A track featured on Moullinex' recent mixtape--Last Night combines a range of summery elements, from a tropical drum to the dreamy vocals of Ghetthoven, to create a perfect summer track.

Falqo - Feel Your Love (Flava' Remix)

Flava' just dropped his incredibly funky remix of Falqo's recent hit, "Feel Your Love"! Flava's spin on "Feel Your Love" is interesting because it not only builds upon the original track, but it also manages to incorporate even funkier synths. Yeah, kind of hard to imagine "Feel Your Love" with funkier synth, but none-the-less, Flava' delivers. Enjoy another Disco Unchained premiere while it's still fresh!

Hey Champ: Comet (D.U Throwback Premiere) 

Another 10/10 gem we thought we should share with you. Here is "Comet", probably the coolest  indie-electro track you'll hear all week! Released by "Hey Champ" just over a year ago, "Comet"' has a feel very similar to a lot of older releases by Com Truise, Monarchy, and Fred Falke. Definitely an interesting blend of sounds, because all of those artists are kick-ass to begin with...Definitely give this track a spin, and when you want to hear this guy's other stuff (you will, trust us), be sure to throw some love at him here

Niteppl - Bloom Feat. Manics

Here's something that'll brighten up your Sunday! Disco Unchained presents "Bloom", Niteppl's latest nu-disco anthem. Quite frankly, it's been a while since we've come across a track as fresh and catchy as this one. Niteppl's synth is classy and refined, and their bass is funky as hell; so definitely give their latest work a listen! For any of you that used to listen to The Teenagers, the vocals in "Bloom" are very reminiscent of their sound. Be sure to share and re-post, this is the type of music that ought to be in circulation! Also, the track is up for FREE download!

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