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Work Drugs - Runaways

Work Drugs just dropped their latest single off their upcoming album titled "Runaways". Their new single, ''Runaways'' features incredibly melodic lyrics as well as a very classy, and very sophisticated chorus-set (think Metronomy). "'Runaways'' is on repeat here at Disco Unchained, so definitely give it a spin below. Be sure to follow Work Drugs here for any updates, and if you can't wait to pick up their new album, head here to pre-order it!

Believe- KC (feat. Davora)

It's been a good while since we've come across some quality chill-wave stuff. KC Music's "Believe" is probably one of the most unique tracks we've come across in a long time..."Believe" features empowering, uplifting vocals coupled with light synths. The most definitive point of the track, however, is the pre-chorus and chorus. "Believe" is perfect for late-night drives. If you dig KC Music's sound, you can find more of it here

Teeel- Disk Go

From the label that brought you great acts such as Ennui and Brothertiger, comes another absolute stunner.  An electro pop effort, Teeel's Disk Go creates a pure and energetic track, the likes of which I have not heard for sometime within the genre. Mesmerizing and Sublime, this track is sure to be one of the gems of the summer.

Torches: The Freak                                         

From Sunny LA comes the duo Torches with the hauntingly beautiful The Freak. An angsty yet nostalgic effort bringing together everything there is to love about indie rock. The track comes off their recently released Endlessly Repeating EP--an apt title, for this track has been endlessly repeating since my first listen.

VYD- Heaven Hold Me Still

VYD is an Electro/Soul group from southern California, now based out of Brooklyn, New York. Composed of Singer/Songwriter Justin Howard and Guitarist/Beatmaker "ValhallaBeats" Nick Wisse. It's not some dude featuring some chick remixed by some other DJ sampling some other guy's stuff.. It's just one fucking band. It's just VYD. If you like their vibes, definitely check them out here

Jaws- Swim

Indie-pop band JAWS dropped their latest single "Swim" a few days ago. The track features the same angsty vocals that Jaws fans have become accustomed to. Their new single sounds a lot like Wild Nothing, and has guitar samples reminiscent of The Smiths. A must hear for any one into quality music, feel free to support JAWS here, and watch out for their new album "Be Slowly" which comes out on September 15th.

Zella Day - East Of Eden (Carousel Remix)

Coming out of no where with their Palms EP a couple years ago, Carousel, the LA based electro pop duo, are at it again. This time, they serve up a dreamy pop remix of Zella Day's East of Eden. One part Cassette Kids, one part Passion Pit, this remix holds an unmistakably heavy Aussie indie-electro flair while dishing out a fresh and independent sound sure to please all who hear it.

Guster- Long Night- August Track Premiere!

How about some indie-rock for a change? "Long Night" is the first song from Guster's forthcoming album (produced by Richard Swift), due out in early 2015 on Ocho Mule / Nettwerk. The track is a true diamond, just waiting to be found by those with rad tastes in music. Guster features a sound very similar to that of Van She, meaning it's built upon  incredibly hypnotic, and melodic lyrics.  Definitely give these dudes a listen, their sound is both fresh and original. 

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