Thursday 15 August 2013

Disco Unchained Meets Olympic Ayres

 Today was a rather busy day here at Disco Unchained. We got in touch with a pretty cool group;  Olympic Ayres. Check it out!

Shazeb:  How did it all start? What are the origins of Olympic Ayres? 

OA: It all started from trading loops with different melodies back and forth via email. We then had a jam and the rest is history...

Shazeb: That's great! Most groups do have similar beginnings. Anyways, what other artists have inspired your sound?

OA: Chic, Mount Kimbie, Kindness, Kaytradamus, and definitely CLASSIXX!

Shazeb: Boy oh boy. I'm a huge fan of Chic as well. I mean come on. Who in their right mind doesn't like "Freak Out." So tell me, any new projects/EPs/Albums/Singles coming out soon?

OA: Well, we just released Episode III. Right now we're choosing songs for our
next release.

Shazeb: I'll be waiting for those. Now, out of the music you have released so far, I must say I'm in love with your song "magic". Tell me about it. Explain a bit about the meaning behind the track.

OA: I guess its about focusing on an idea and bringing it to fruition; we're passionate about that. 

Shazeb: I could see that. Anywho, what advice do you have for newer artists in similar genres?

OA: Complete your tracks and complete them well!
 Shazeb: Couldn't have said it better myself. Alright, now for the serious stuff. What's your all time favorite place to hang out after work?

OA: There's a place I like to go on weekends called Soda Factory in Sydney. Great vibe, great music!
You guys can follow Olympic Ayres here

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