Thursday 22 January 2015

You Are A Weapon (Mr. Moustache Remix!)

Mr. Moustache is probably one of the most interesting artists in the underground electro scene right now. He is a blend of Vanguard and Justice...Yes, an absolutely killer combination. I'm surprised his music hasn't blown up (yet). This is one of his finest remixes, one that might just make it to my top 10 electro list. And that's a lot to say, given that I have hundreds, if not thousands of tracks I love. 

Anyway. Mr. Moustache's remix of Revolte's ever-so-popular ''You Are A Weapon'' is absolutely killer. Hard electro synths and sophisticated, uplifting vocal samples give the track a fresh and funky twist. A true gem, an instant classic. Be sure to follow Mr. Moustache here.

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