Wednesday 24 July 2013

Disco Unchained Meets Lueur Verte

It's been a crazy week here! We've been catching up with all of our favorite artists, and we just got the chance to meet Lueur Verte! Lueur Verte is one of our favorite synth/new wave artists and it was an honor to be able to get an interview!

1 ) How did Lueur Verte get started ? What got you into music ?
Since I was a teenager , I've always been interested in the 80s to be honest. I discovered some 80s electronic artists on Myspace and later on Youtube. All of these retro visuals, the music, it was very unique. I really enjoyed this universe as a teenager and I was used to play with Garageband  In 2011 I tried to work more seriously and to make a track, trying something which would be my own style. Then, I uploaded my first tracks "Space Rider" and "California Workout" on my Youtube channel in order to get some opinions and feedback. Shortly after, I discovered SoundCloud where I uploaded my tracks as well. I was really surprised by the feedback and the interest of the people.

2 ) What are your top 3 favorite 80s artists?
Well it's really hard to do an order with my favorites 80s artists, and I have more than 3 to mention of course…so I will try :
  •  Michael Jackson
  •  Europe
  • Fox The Fox

I love many 80s soundtrack composers as well!

3 ) Whats your favorite D.A.W to use while making music?
As I mentioned previously, I began with Garageband and I still use it today. I also use Logic Pro (I like both, but I really like the minimalist features of Garageband). A lot of people think that it's not a good D.A.W but it doesn't matter what D.A.W you use, it's about what you do with it. I hate the fact that people judge the artists based on what kind of D.A.W or which instruments or tools they use, it's bullshit, it doesn't mean that with your vintage synth collection you will be a better artist than one with just a Midi keyboard and a laptop.

4 ) What contemporary pop artist do you hate, the most ?
"Really ? There are too many bad ones in order to just pick one! Well, I have a bunch of contemporary artists which I hate, for example : Shakira, Rihanna, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber for sure, Nicky Minaj and of course all the ridiculous boy bands."

5 ) What is the most attractive quality you find in women?
Hmmm I would say the qualities of my girlfriend haha!

6 ) Whats your all time favorite food?
Well I love every junk food, I mean come on, that crap is delicious haha, but I would say Pizza F.T.W!

7 ) Any new projects coming soon ? Tell us about them !
Sure ! I'm still working on my very first EP called "Crystalica." I'm really excited about it, it's a big thing for me. I take my time in order to do my best. And hopefully all my fans will like it. The fact that I will release it on my own label Aphasia Records, is very exciting.There's no release date at the moment…stay tuned !

8 ) Advice for newer artists on the scene ?
An Original and unique artist name is the key, not something super cliché. Experiment with music at first. Don't copy other artists, create your own style. Also, visuals and cover/artworks, are something really important. You don't need to buy any vintage synthesizer in order to make 80s music, you have a lot of VST (Virtual Studio Technology) on the market which allows you to get the perfect 80s sounds, but of course real synthetizers are the best. Don't spend a lot of money on music studio material, you can start with just a D.A.W , a computer, headphones and a Midi keyboard controller. And also , don't release too much EP and albums…every release should be an event and not be like whatever, you need to show to the public that your sound evolves, go for concept, originality, make space between releases, some months at least. Take your time ! Try to do your best.

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