Wednesday 24 July 2013

Sharing Space Secrets With Cavaliers of Fun

Today was no ordinary day here at Disco Unchained. We met up with the god father of space pop himself; Ricco Vitali. The interview speaks for itself. 

1) What got you into music?
My father...the ruler of Nebula9 bought me a WinniBoard, which is probably the coolest synth in the cosmos. That's what got me started. That and the fact that Jii is a bit expensive. Jii is actually a drug that makes you act all unicorn for 33 seconds. It's a rush.

2) What are your favorite 5 bands/groups?
Youth43, Jii Warriors, Valiant, Le Branc and Formica #QWERT. I grew up with these bands back in my home planet. If you're asking about bands from Earth I would have to say RAC, Anoraak, Moullinex, Cut Slack and maybe Sair or Silenx. Great bands. It's a pitty they are all humans. 

3) What other artists have influenced your music?
Opus9! Tropical Space Pop from the Titan Moon. Arpeggios and weird solos...Songs 47 minutes long. 
I do fancy Mi-Sex, Flock of Seagulls or New Order too.

4) Favorite pizza flavor, and favorite topping?
Cheese and more cheese. You can never get enough of cheese. Cheese is the best human invention. I'm exporting cheese to Nebula9 and people are rioting to get more. Cheese will get me rich.  

5) All time favorite TV show?
Automan. Car chases that leave a trace of light...Eat my shorts Tron. 

6) What do the lyrics from "passenger" mean? Could you explain a bit about them? What inspired you to write them?
We are all passengers. From one planet to another. From one life to another. Forget all memories and start all over again.  

7) Favorite  action movie of all time?
 Back to the Future Part 2. Classic! And man it's a sequel even better than the first one. Fuck yeah! 

8) Favorite drink (coke, beer, etc)
Rasmussen, 1/3 coke, 1/3 battery oil, 1/3 Liquid Jii. It will mess your brain. 

9) All time favorite horror movie?
Goonies. Scary as shit. The Combo pirate skulls and Sloth in the same movie...Jezz. 

10) Advice for newer artists into dream pop?
Don't do it. Humans will all die in the year 2043 so it's a bit pointless. If you do want to do it...well good luck being poor, homeless, drug free and having that weird looking girl as the only groupie left. If you love music, only music will matter. Yeah right...

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