Friday 26 July 2013

Jordan F Meets Disco Unchained- Saturday Sit Downs

Disco Unchained had a nice chat with one of synth wave's most recognizable figures; Jordan F. The only thing cooler than his music, is his taste in horror films! He's definitely a chill guy! 

1)  What got you into music?

I started producing music around 3 years ago, before that I had no previous musical experience other than a bit of piano I did back in school. I didn't know what kind of music I wanted to make at first...then I discovered Rosso Corsa and the Valerie Collective and was completely inspired by the revivalist music they were making. I sent Miami Nights 1984 a few demos and joined their incredible roster.

2) All time favorite horror movie?

Thats a tough one...I'd say Night of The Comet

3) If you could change one thing about the music industry as a whole, what would it be?

I'd destroy those company's that allow people to pay for already created tracks...its a real low point in music. I can't stand the EDM hype and would like to see more blogs promote new interesting music rather than what Deadmau5 has to say on Twitter.

4)  What advice would you have for upcoming independent synth artists

Be patient...way to many producers rush into releasing albums and EPs without really thinking. Some artists get comfortable within a certain style/sound, you should always want more from your music.5

5) On a more serious note.. favorite Pizza topping of all time?

Pineapple, chicken, ham, sundried tomatoes and onions

6) Do you have any new EPs, singles, albums coming out soon?

Got some things in the works...I'm just being patient with the whole process... I'm making the slow transition to hardware synthesizers, so stay tuned 

7) All time favorite D.A.W to use while working

 I only have experience with Ableton, I like it and it's handy if you are moving from the studio to live shows.

Here is one of our all time favorite Jordan F. produced songs!

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