Sunday 21 July 2013

Sunday Interview with Luke Cuerel (Pigeon)

Disco Unchained managed to get an interview with Pigeon front-man Luke Cuerel.  Pigeon, an Australian electronic dance band, has been making jams since 2011. Their music is fresh, and their beats are phat. 

Shazeb: Alright, let's start with the basics. What got you into music?

Luke: We all got into music in different ways, some of us dabble in jazz and roots stuff while some of the other guys are DJs and into rock and pop. Now we're a mish-mash of different styles under the umbrella of electronic indie dance.We all have been to a life changing gig early on that sparked interest in music making. Probably would be some embarrassing gigs in there too.

Shazeb:  Life changing experiences you say? Hm, I think i get what you mean. Anyways, what would your top 5 favorite bands/groups of all time be?

Luke: As a band, I'd have to say we draw so much influence from Royksopp, Friendly Fires and Delphic. Of all time, we might add in The Beatles and Daft Punk. I'd love to through the wildcard in there of Eminem, he has the nostalgia factor.

Shazeb: All hail Daft Punk! I personally am a fan of Friendly Fires as well, and enjoy their music. I guess i could see some of their influence on Pigeon. Now, if you could change one thing about the music industry as a whole, what would it be?

Luke: I would love to see more help for artists to develop their craft/product, however it's pretty lucky to be able to make music for a living. We're all pretty stoked. We're starting careers in the music industry.

Shazeb: Speaking of careers, what advice would you have for upcoming independent synth artists?

Luke: Do what you want! Go crazy with synths, the possibilities are endless with electronic music.

You guys can follow them here!

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