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Mitzi has been one of Disco Unchained's most admired bands for years now. Some of you are probably familiar with their work. They've produced with Future Classic for a long time now, and are notorious for their inconceivably melodic synth-pop tracks. Some of our favorite tracks include "Down" and "Morning Light", both of which are automatic summer essentials, so be sure to give them a listen.

We got in touch with Dominique from Mitzi earlier last week and asked him a few questions about the band, its origins, and its direction. Check out the exclusive interview below, and be sure to support Mitzi here!


Shazeb: How did Mitzi start? Where are your origins?

Dominique Before we started Mitzi in late 2009, we were all playing in other bands around Brisbane. Dom and Jad already played together in an electro outfit whereas Charles and myself came from more of an indie/punk background. We all knew each other from club parties that were happening towards the late end of the 2000's in Brisbane and had similar interests in club/dance music.

Dom and Jad initially started Mitzi as a production duo side project from their other band BMX with an interest in creating disco and house music with a deeper more chilled vibe. Anyway... to make a long story short, they won a remix comp held by Bang Gang 12 Inches and Spank Records and the prize was a set at Parklife music festival. Rather than DJing, the boys wanted to play a live set and thats how Charles and I became involved. And so they say... the rest is history.

Shazeb: What's the band's all time favorite place to play?

Dominique We would have to all agree that our favourite venue (so far) is the Tivoli Theatre in our hometown Brisbane. It's an old converted theatre, with great sound that manages to cram a lot of people in a relatively small space. Its got a Mezzanine level that sits quite close to the stage so its really intimate for a decent sized venue. We've supported some of our favourites there (Chic & The Whitest Boy Alive) so the place holds some great memories for us. There's also something special about playing in the same venue that we grew up watching our favourite bands in. 

Shazeb: Aside music, what other passions to do guys have? Do any of the members of Mitzi have any side projects?

Dominique We all work on other musical projects when we find the time. Its good to develop songs, ideas and skills that we may not use in Mitzi. Apart from that haha um... Jad's a pretty good surfer, I played a season of Football (soccer) this year for my local club, Dom has started a Food Van with a friend, serving up some  pretty epic deli sandwiches and Charles has been getting pretty into his golf this past year. 

Shazeb: Where do you see Mitzi 5 years from now?

Dominique: Continuing to record music and playing live shows. For us, thats the best part about the whole thing. Theres defiantly some sort of chemistry when we play live together, and since we've become such close friends, you get this great sort of indescribable feeling onstage. 

Shazeb: As a collective vote, what's the band's all-time favorite track (We're known for this question)?

Dominique: Would have to say Chic - I Want Your Love. It's just an absolute Jam. Chic have been one of our biggest influences since we started writing together.

Shazeb: Do you have any EPs, albums, or singles in the pipeline?

Dominique: This past year we've been writing and recording a fair bit. The plan is to release a single so we just have to decide which song. We are pretty close to putting some new music out though. 

Shazeb: Is there anything you'd like to shout out to your fans?

Dominique: Thanks for buying or downloading our music, coming to our shows or showing us to your friends. We will be back soon with new music and live shows


Be sure to check out some of our favorite Mitzi tracks below!

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