Sunday 11 January 2015


Now you're just somebody that I used to know (echo: somebody!). Yes, a lot of you have probably heard Gotye and Kimbra's hit single ''Somebody'', it was a chart-topper a few years ago.For our more synth-y crowd, you probably know Kimbra through her stellar work with our own Miami Horror back in 2010. Her music has been on our radar for a while now and we absolutely had to get her down for an interview. And as a special treat for you guys, she has also given us a small playlist of the music she's into right now! Enjoy another Disco Unchained exclusive! 

Shazeb: Tell us about your work with Miami Horror and the whole 80s synth concept album they released a few years ago. How was that experience?  Do you see yourself making more of ''that'' sound in the future?

Kimbra: It was great working with those guys. We had all become friends while living in Melbourne and spending time with them opened me to a lot of great dance music. I remember discovering bands like Justice, Air, Sebastian Tellier etc through them - and that went on to inspire me a lot. I am always open to working on dance tracks that I feel a connection with, it often pushes me to access a different side of my voice which is interesting too.

Shazeb: How did you get into music? What would you say was your ''big break''? 

Kimbra:I always remember writing songs from a very young age. I recorded onto cassettes from the age of about 8 picked up guitar around 13 and soon entered a high school competition called the Rockquest which was the first time I started performing original songs in front of people and developing a deep love of the songwriting. I started producing demos from that point (some on guitar, and some using a Boss 8 track sampler) and uploading them onto Myspace which was where my manager first found my music and offered me the chance to move from New Zealand to Melbourne (where he was based) when I was 17 and record my first album. I think that was the moment I was pushed to really find myself as an artist.

Shazeb: Where would you say your greatest influences have come from in regards to your own ''sound''?

Kimbra: I would say my love of experimentation and layered sound worlds comes from a lot of the psychedelic rock I listened to in high school like The Mars Volta/NIN, but I have also been influenced by the jazz-like approach of artists like Bjork and Jeff Buckley... and pop artists who have been universally engaging (like Michael Jackson) while still being so creative and boundary pushing.

Shazeb: What are your top 3 favorite tracks at the moment?


Redinho - Playing With Fire
The Great Curve - Talking Heads
 Emily - The Singers Unlimited

Shazeb: Where do you see yourself in 5 years time? 10?

Kimbra: Sitting in a garden with a guitar. 

Shazeb: What's Kimbra's favorite horror film?

I used to think The Grudge was great when I was a kid. 

Shazeb: Tell us about your new stuff. Any new albums, EPS, or singles in the pipeline?

Kimbra:I am writing new music which feels great. I plan to keep putting music out. I just released a cover of 'I'm Wishing' (from Snow White) for a recent Disney project in Australia and there will be some very exciting collaborations coming out early next year. Watch this space!

Below are some of the tracks Kimbra has been vibing to over the past few weeks. Be sure to follow her here for some rad new releases in the coming months. 

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