Tuesday 15 July 2014

Who is BronSon?

BronSon, a Nu Disco/ Synth Wave artist from Paris, France, recently came up on our music radar. His music features an array of sounds ranging from funk to outrun. Our favorite track, Vengeance, features pristine vocal samples and a beat that could keep your head bobbing for days. Be sure to check of Vengeance and many others like it on SoundCloud.

A few questions for the artist

Who are the artists who you would consider most influential to yourself?

“I think we have all been influenced unwittingly by Daft punk, Kraftwerk, Giorgio Moroder more recently Kavinsky.

I listen to a lot of music (80's funk, metal, hip hop, electro, G-funk, rock and more). So I think all these styles influenced me, involuntarily.

Currently artists like: Bestrack, Starcadian, Daze, Besnine, to go even farther. I have tremendous respect for their work.”

 Is being a musician a full time thing for you, or do you make music on the side of having a full time job?

“I make music with pure passion, that's why I do not have a Bandcamp. Warning, I do not mean to offend any artists who possess a Bandcamp page. Instead, I try to share my music with all the people who like my music and I regularly send my songs to people who ask for it!”

 When did you become interested in becoming a musician?

“I have always been more than interested in music since I was young, but I got into it seriously 5 years ago. I used to play sports at a high level so I used trained a lot, but I hurt myself so I had to take time off and that’s when music became evident to me. “

Do you have a favorite scary movie, if so what is it?

"He is back!” I believe the English title is "It" This movie traumatized my whole generation!!!”

Any new work on the way? EPs, singles etc.

“I am working on several projects at the moment but I will not say too much, as I would like to keep the suspense. ;-)”

 What do you do for fun, besides make music?


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