Tuesday 15 July 2014

Mullaha- Fly- Exclusive Throwback Premiere!

Mullaha definitely doesn't get as much attention as they should be getting. The UK based electro-pop group is pure synth-pop/electro funk genius. We mean every word of that sentence, especially in regards to their track "Fly". Though "Fly" is relatively old (released around 6 months ago), it didn't receive the attention we thought it should have. A track like this ought to be premiering on Madeon or Daft Punk's labels!

"Fly" features a very synthy, very retro-pop feel almost akin to Madeon's sound. The only difference is that  Mullaha's vocals are far catchier, and far more elegant. Be sure to give the track a listen below, and be sure to give them a follow here

Also be sure to check out their new single "Pyrotechniqué" below!

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