Monday 8 September 2014

Pierre Maulini on M83 and STAL

You literally have got to be living in a cave if you haven't heard of M83. Midnight City anyone? We recently got in touch with our good friend Pierre Maulini who, aside working with M83 for some time, also runs a solo project called Stal. In our latest interview installment, the DU team brings to everything there is to know about Mr. Pierre, from his work and experience with M83 to his favorite horror films.

1) Tell us about Stal. Explain the project to us a little better.

After my worlwide tour with M83, I decided to start my own project. I always played a lot of guitar and i wanted to explore new horizons in terms of composition. That's why i started playing keyboards more. I learnt a lot about them these past years, and found my own approach. I had never worked alone before that. And i really enjoyed it, even if i'm always ready to hear critics etc..I'm trying to write sincere songs, mixing my indie background with a lot of mainstream influences. I want STAL to be a generous, sincere and true project. A real mix of electronic and rock music. On the other hand, on stage we're a 3 piece band, and it will sound a more rock. Live shows are very important to me, i think it's the future of this industry. We have a lot of nice stuff coming up and i can't wait to hit the road again. 

2) You used to work with M83, what was that like? Tell us about your work with them in the past. What happened?

M83 was my biggest experience so far. Anthony ( M83's brain) is a friend of mine and we used to lived in the same town in the south of France. We used to hang out together. I played in a band called A Red Season Shade,  and he used to come to our rehearsals. One day, when he was about to release his album "Saturday's= Youth" in 2008, he asked me to join the live band. I accepted. We toured the world for 2 years, headlining  shows as well as opening for big acts like Kings Of Leon, The Killers, Depeche Mode etc... But you know touring for someone else is sometimes pretty difficult. Being far away from home and your loved ones is hard especially when it's not your own project. Overall, it was a great experience though and without it, i probably wouldn't have started STAL. 

3) Where would you say your greatest influences have come from, in regards to your sound?

My life with its ups and downs is certainly the biggest influence.
When it comes to music,i could classify them in 3 categories :
1/ all of my teenage indie music that comes from emo/punk bands to post rock bands. I'd say my favorite one is Sigur Ros.
2/ Mainstream. I used to be a fan of Coldplay, Kings Of Leon, Foo fighters and other rock stuff. These stadium rock bands are a kind of fascination for me. 
3/ Film music. i love cinematic music, i've got a few favorite composers like Max Richter, Olafur Arnalds. In this category i'd also say more minimalist music like Sakamoto or Steve reich.  

4) What's your favorite horror film?

Braindead ! 

5) Favorite track? (This is hard and we're notorious for asking this but try your best)

Sigur Ros, Vaka. This track changed my life.

6) Tell us about your future projects. Any EPs or albums in the pipeline?

My new EP will be released on Sept 29th via Arista/Sony Music France. It comes with 2 new tracks and great remixes ( and a crazy video clip). We are also building a new live set for the next shows. The album is recorded and planned for early 2015 ! Can't wait !

7) Is there anything you'd like to shout out to your fans?

Hope you guys will dig our sound. Don't forget to follow us on facebook if you want to be updated on our releases and shows ! We may come near you!

Here's our favorite track by STAL. You can tell he's been the creative genius behind M83- his sound is iconic.

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