Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Interview : NAVVI

We recently had the pleasure to sit down with the up and coming Seattle duo NAVVI. With recent releases on Kitsune Maison and a slew of other 
successful releases, NAVVI are looking to have a big 2015

How did NAVVI come about? How did each of your individual journeys in to music come about?
Kristin: I had just left another band and was going through a weird transitional period in life. Musically, everything I did felt uninspired… I was trying to write new songs but ended up doing the same things over and over and over again. At some point, I guess I just realized that (1) exploring a new genre might help, and (2) that I needed someone new to collaborate with. Brad and I were introduced through a mutual contact and sort-of dove head first into the music. Seriously, the first time we met in-person we worked on ‘Weekends.’ It was that fast. It’s been a new and interesting dynamic, being band-mates before being friends.

Brad: We started small.  I said I would make a couple of tracks for Kristin.  We both made some playlists for each other that highlighted what we were in to.  I didn't have much expectation of anything.  I just wanted to make myself sit down and work out some tracks and see where it went.

What themes do you attempt to encapsulate in your music?
Kristin: Never in the now. I’m always using these songs to escape.

Brad: I try to keep things feeling cinematic.  Usually I have some visual cue that I work from in my head or a point of emotion I'm trying to hit.  I work things out until I feel like the music matches the emotion or visual I'm shooting for.  Often times I'm looking for things that feel at home at night, or the haziness of first thing in the morning.  

What contemporary acts would you say inspire your music?

Kristin: Chromatics. They have the perfect mix of everything and have really inspired me. I’m really looking forward to their new album.

Brad: I try to listen to things that are of high quality production/execution even if they don't inform what music I'm actually trying to make myself.  So I stay really open.  Right now I've been listening to the instrumentals for the first Run The Jewels record, and obviously there isn't  much overlap with that record and what we do.  But I listen to it and I am like "Ok, that is the bar."  And it inspires me to work harder and as a study experiment there is a ton to take away from sitting down and listening to that instrumental record in regards to structure, phrasing, layering, production, sonic experimentation, etc. 

What are your top five tracks right now?
Seasons – Future Islands
Queen – Perfume Genius
Can’t Do Without You – Caribou
Tuesday – ILOVEMAKONNEN (Ft. Drake)
Goshen ’97 – Strand of Oaks

daft punk - something about us
shabazz palaces - forerunner foray
toro y moi - so many details
taylor mcferrin - degrees of light
caribou - silver.

What are each of your favorite horror movies?
Kristin: The Exorcist. Ahhh, but I also love the Paranormal Activity series. So tie.

BradNone.  I don't do horror movies.  I find I don't have the stomach for it.  

What are your thoughts on the modern electronic music scene in the United States?
Kristin: Same with any other genre; there are a lot of really talented people out here trying to do their own thing, with or without an audience. I will say that it has been interesting to see the electronic music scene develop here in Seattle. I think in the last year or so, we’ve noticed an influx of electro-pop duos, which has been exciting in a city that’s primarily associated with grunge and alt-rock.

Brad: I think there is a lot of great stuff going on.  I think the sound experimentation is expanding a lot.  The amount of access that people have with a single computer and a couple of programs to make quality interesting music is exciting.  It's inspiring.

Where do you see NAVVI 5 years from now? What do you have planned for the immediate future?
Kristin: We tried to take this last December off but got too antsy. Right now, we have a couple of new songs in the works. We’re really looking forward to expanding the palate this next year... fingers crossed for a full-length. Thinking that far ahead sucks the life out of me... but hopefully, time brings a bigger audience.
Brad: I can't say I've thought that far ahead.  I hope to in the short run to have fun with it.  For the immediate future we are recording what I hope will be our first full length.  

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