Monday 1 June 2015

Besnine & Raphael - Sulu Archipelago

A great new Nu Disco track coming from blog favorite Besnine. In a collaborative effort with Raphael, Sulu Archipelago is a dark yet uplifting piece of music with a mature and robust production style. As Besnine describes it himself, "The Sulu Archipelago is a chain of islands in the Pacific Ocean. It’s the home of the indigenous Tausug people, litteraly "the people of the [sea] current”. Back in the day, way before pearls were made industrially, those from the Sulu Archipelago were considered the "finest of the world", harvested for thousands of years by divers, mostly women, wearing only a loincloth and forced to descend to depths of over 100 feet on a single breath.

This song relates the story of the archipelago and its inhabitants. It’s a tribute to the marine wildlife and the divers."

A collaborative video is coming within the week. It will feature amazing footages of the Sulu Archipelago from divers and scientists.
 Regarding Besnine’s activity, expect a busy month. With a featuring with J.A.C.K. coming up June 15 and a remix for the uprising pop talent Molly Moore for the end of the month, Summer is going to be exciting!

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