Wednesday 4 November 2015

Jagwar Ma!

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate how great of an album Howlin' is...yeah... it's pretty great. 

Australian psychedelic/dance band Jagwar Ma made their way onto our radar a long time ago. It was  hard to not instantly fall in love with their incredibly unique sound and infectiously catchy vocals. Their debut album included "Come Save Me"  "The Throw" and "Uncertainty", tracks that have been some of our favorites for a while now. Put simply, we can't get enough of these guys. 

We also recently had the pleasure of getting in a few words with Gabriel Winterfield of Jagwar Ma. 

1. How did it all happen? What brought Jagwar Ma together ? 

Jono and I grew up in the same scene in Sydney, and by chance we started collaborating on stuff for fun in our spare time on the weekends. it all just kind of rolled on from there  

2. What's your favorite food ? 

Japanese, french and Persian are all my favourite cuisines, and the occasional cheeseburger

3. What inspired you to get into music? 

I grew up with music in my house, I find it hard to imagine a world without it. I started learning the violin when I was 4 and it resonated with me deeply, but I soon moved into playing other instruments and discovering guitar and I always liked singing whenever I could. 

4. Top 5 songs ? 

In all the millions of songs I couldn't possibly reduce my taste to 5 songs. but I will put down five tracks I think deserve to be on a list of sorts. 

'Sunday' by Moondog as played by Kenny Graham and his Satellites 

'l'apres midi du faun' - Debussy

'Johnny be goode' - Chuck Berry 

'dancing in the night' - Frank Sinatra 

'Flash' - Green Velvet 

5. What's your favorite horror movie ? 

The Shining. The Ring (japanese version) 

6. Where would you say your greatest influences have come from in regards to your "sound"?

Influences come from everywhere

7. Tell us about any upcoming projects you're working on (albums or EPs)

Working on our next album. 

8. What's the wildest experience you've ever had while on tour?

Going from playing a show in Acapulco to playing a show in Vancouver in less than 24 hours was pretty interesting. 24

9.  Anything else you like to shout out to your fans?

Thank you ! None of this would be possible without you, and when we can we will definitely come play for you. peace and love always.

Be sure to throw some love at Jagwar Ma here & here 

Check out some of our favorites by Jagwar Ma 

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