Wednesday 5 March 2014

Culture Culture

Disco Unchained stumbled upon Culture Culture,a very unique synth group, a little over a month ago. Not only is their sound fresh, their work is brilliantly crafted. We had the opportunity to get an inside peek at the peeps behind the group, in a Disco Unchained exclusive interview. 

  • 1) Who are the people/who is the person behind cultureculture?
  • We're just some friends who can't dance but wish we could, so we make music to dance to instead.

  • 2) Where do your musical inspirations lay?
  • Hall & Oates, Chic, Luther Vandross, Prince, Sister Sledge, George Duke, and way too much Michael Cassette.

  • 3) All time favorite pizza topping?                                                                             

    Fried Eggplant.

    4) Top 3 tracks of all time (yeah we're known for hard questions like this one)
    1. Steve Winwood - Higher Love
    2. Breakbot - One Out of Two (Oliver Remix)
    3. Al Green - Let's Stay Together

    5) Where do you see cultureculture in 5 years?                                                                  
        Hopefully within five years our collective musical conscious will have been digitized and uploaded to SoundCloudInfinity where it will churn out Synth-Pop all day and night and we can sit back and watch MacGyver while we rake in millions in Bitcoin.

    6) Tell us about your new EP. What inspired you to write it? What inspired most of the track content?                                                                                      
         There's this documentary about Nile Rogers where he talks about the paradox of playing celebratory, feel good music in the late 70's when there was a huge recession, race riots, etc. going on. He talks about how people were doing the same thing during the Great Depression, they were playing really happy music. It seems like the same thing is happening again, and we're a product of the times, for sure. We just want to make music that people can feel good too. That may sound kind of cliche, but at the end of the day, if somebody listens to our music and it puts them in a good mood, that's about as good as it gets for us.

    7) All time favorite movie?                                                                                                                           
         Raising Arizona, hands down. But this New Kung Fury movie that Mitch Murder is doing the soundtrack for could be a close contender.

    8) What advice do you have for others that wish to follow down the indie 80s musical path?                                                                                                                      
      It would be really cool if a band did some straight up Def Leppard jams. Everything else has been covered at this point, but I don't know of any bands that have written a chorus as good as "Photograph." I guess that's more a selfish desire for my own listening pleasure than it is advice, but that's all I got. 

You can follow Culture Culture here!

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