Monday 24 March 2014

Disco Unchained meets Univore

Though Univore most certainly doesn't fall under the category of a nu disco group, their music simply can't go overlooked by us. Their sound is eclectic, taking influences from late 70s surf rock anthems and synth bits reminiscent of Russ Chimes. Their music is both deep and shallow at the same time, reminding us of some of The Teenager's earlier work. We decided it was absolutely necessary that we get a better look at them. So here it is, Disco Unchained's interview with Univore. 

1) What is Univore? Tell us about the people behind the group.
Univore is just two gentlemen, Nicholas Flandro and David Bachmann, seeking to create original music and video 
in an effort to get people to think differently about what might turn them on. We want to make people laugh and feel slightly uncomfortable about what they’re laughing at, without being crude or sophomoric.

2) What artists/genres/sounds have inspired your work?
We don't discriminate. We draw from all genres. Recently, we’ve been digging the music of Brian Bennett, Dorothy Ashby, Chet Atkins, Chico Hamilton, Joe Zawinul, Holger Czukay, Coleman Hawkins, The Sven Libaek Orchestra, William Onyeabor, Frederic Mercier, Concept Neuf, Michel Petrucciani, Ennio Morricone, and Burt Bacharach.
The list above leaves out many artists who’ve inspired us since an early age, artists whom we now consider guilty pleasures without being disrespectful. These are groups we listened to through the classic rock stations of Northeast Ohio, in which we spent our formative years. You can look up those stations.

3) How long has Univore been around? Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
We formed in 2009 after having collaborated on various projects since we were teenagers. In five years, we see ourselves with at least seven studio albums under our belt, select tracks of which we hope to be recognized by people with an interest in art who also have money and/or influence. Five years from now, we will have made several short films and completed the script and score for at least one feature.

4) Tell us about the track "Angela". Aside capturing the bittersweet realities of high school, the song seems to have a sense of nostalgic romance attached to it. Is there some kick-ass story behind it?
Angela is a work of fiction. Neither of us has ever really known anyone named Angela, nor did we have any difficulty getting a prom date with the exception of one of us (David Bachmann). The tune itself merely came together via a confluence of several different chord progressions.

5) All time favorite food? (individual answers)
David Bachmann’s favorite food is macaroni and cheese. Nicholas Flandro’s favorite is veal paprikash.

6) All time favorite horror movie (individual answers)
David Bachmann’s favorite horror film is "The Exorcist." Nicholas Flandro’s is "The Shining."
7) Favorite funk synth song of all time?
David Bachmann’s is Brian Bennett’s "Discovery.” Nicholas Flandro’s is Joe Zawinul’s “The Harvest.” If your readers have never heard of these individuals, they should start doing their homework now. These are criminally under-appreciated recording artists.

8) Any new EPs or albums coming out soon? Any tours or concerts planned in the near future?
We've already recording the foundations for 11 new tracks to be included on a new album that has yet to be named. Expect smooth jazz grooves. You’ll be able to listen to this album in the background of a cocktail party and/or whilst making love to your significant other.
We’ve also finished the script for a short film, per an invitation from Edward Anderson at 
Chicago International Music and Movies Festival (CIMMFest). We’ll be writing and recording the score for that film, an extended ambient synth space groove. It’s a science fiction film starring our friend and trusted collaborator Marco Casale.

Here is one of our personal favorites from Univore:

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